Life Just Is

Life just is. It doesn’t need to be anything else. It doesn’t have to be a crusade or an apology. It doesn’t need a purpose. It isn’t an achievement or a goal. It doesn’t have to be a coherent linear progression, centered around one concept to which all others owe their existence, slave to predictability. I now perceive that part of me unconcerned with the definition of reality. The part that listens. The part that will never know what time it is. Continue reading

Religion and Politics

I believe spirituality and social discourse are separate from organized religion and politics, so when I say that I think the world would be a better place without religion and politics, I speak of the institutionalized versions only. We can no more abolish spirituality and social discourse than we can abolish breathing. Continue reading

My Hero

My hero does not carry a gun. She has not sculpted her body. She does not shave her legs or under her arms. And she most especially does not wax her bikini area. My hero did not train in the military to make her mind rigid. She did not join a gym to make her muscles hard. She does not have to prove anything. Continue reading