Always With The Punching

If I could be a superhero, I wouldn’t be super strong so I could punch people harder. I wouldn’t be super angry so I could hurt criminals in the name of justice. I wouldn’t punish with my super powers, deciding who deserves protection and who deserves torture or death.

If I could be a superhero, I would defuse anger. I would bestow peace. I would create understanding. Continue reading

Shadow Of The Toad Woman

The Toad Woman

I saw the toad woman yesterday. I would have said I met her, but I didn’t really. She didn’t talk. In a way I guess she presented herself to me. I had never seen her before. Something in me knew she existed, but either she was buried too deep to come out or I was avoiding her. Probably some of both. In any case, I can’t figure out what her appearance means. Hello or goodbye? She only faced me for a few moments. I was so startled by the charred skin and coal eyes that I almost turned away in that kind of instant forgetfulness one achieves when one chooses to ignore that which is suddenly clear. Then she briefly showed me her back before moving out of sight and I realized who she was. Continue reading


**Revised 9/12/14.  This link no longer functions because I’m transforming myself into an internet musician.  You can find out more about that process here.**

I’ve been wanting to write this particular song for years.  When I started messing around with the instruments, I had no idea it was going to turn into this song.  In fact, I had no idea what “this song” should sound like when I first got the idea.  But when I heard that strange little synth riff that sounds like a question, I knew it was time.

The video is still just the lyrics, but I’m finding that even simple words on a screen can have a big impact on the feel of the song.

I Can Hear You


I cry for the world. I cry for myself. I cry for my friends who cannot find their tears. I cry for my friends who can. I cry for the people I don’t know and for those that I do. And with this weeping, I come eventually to the center. When I can raise my head and look out from this center, I see how I am encompassed in life. It is in me and out of me, simultaneously part and whole, substance and vibration. Continue reading

Map of My Heaven

I don’t need a God
At the center of me
Or slightly off center
I am not a Buddha or any other divine man
Inside where I dance
Shape of my orbit
Map of my heaven
These men do not know my secrets
Though it is possible for them to see my unfolding
They choose its transparence
And have taught me in the classroom of their company to do the same
Until now
Here where my silence breaks like bones
Endless spring

My Hero

My hero does not carry a gun. She has not sculpted her body. She does not shave her legs or under her arms. And she most especially does not wax her bikini area. My hero did not train in the military to make her mind rigid. She did not join a gym to make her muscles hard. She does not have to prove anything. Continue reading